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Academic / Filmmaker / Researcher

Dr. Ebor’s work as a social worker with a concentration in gerontology is anything but ordinary. Merging science and the arts, she consistently pushes the boundaries of our culture’s assumptions about sex, ethnicity, and age. Through storytelling, multimedia platforms, and behavioral health interventions her award-winning research aims to promote sexual health and wellness across the life-course.

Currently, Dr. Ebor is an Assistant Professor at San Diego State University in the College of Health and Human Services. She's a triple Bruin having earned a BA in Sociology, MSW, and Ph.D. in Social Welfare at UCLA. 

"I merge science and the arts to amplify the voices of marginalized communities."

- Dr. Megan Ebor


Academic / Filmmaker / Researcher

Her award-winning and transformative work examines sexual health outcomes for older racial and ethnic minority women, so that communities, even as they age, are provided the resources and information needed to be sexually liberated.



Academic / Filmmaker / Researcher

Dr. Ebor's research and scholarship, as an SBCC practitioner, is dedicated to examining health outcomes for older women and communities of color. This research is guided by her interest in ways to improve their sexual-health outcomes. Dr. Ebor’s experience with an aunt’s undiagnosed STI and the impact it had on her family, led to this career path. Turning pain into passion, she works to amplify lived experiences through film as a powerful tool for health communication.

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